Highlights of RVW 2014 Convention & 2015 Rally Schedule

york-logoJust got email from Rene’ Gray and Pat Reader, Great Lakers Chapter Secretary/Treasurer, that the 2014 RVing Women Convention in Pennsylvania went very well.  Here are convention highlights from their email:

We are coming to you from Pennsylvania, post-Convention. The week was a fun one and our GL members did well in the competitions with Sandy Gauntlett and Patty Bubel winning the corn-hole tournament and Rene’ and I winning (as part of a 4 women team) the golf tournament-Rene’ also won the longest drive.  Additionally, our Ohio River/Greater Laker members were winners with Cindy Turvy taking home the big 50/50 in “Heads and Tails” prize and Joanne Grogan winning the pool tournament.  There were lots of great sessions and social activities.  If you’ve never been to an RVW Convention, your really should experience at least one.  Next up will be in Shawnee, OK from October 20 to 25th, 2015. Pencil it in!!!

Rene and Pat also shared the dates for 2015 Great Lakers’ rallies:

  • November thru May—we will have luncheons; TBD
  • June—12th-14th; Jonesville, MI at Wildwood. Host: Sandy
  • July—Mayville, MI for the Sunflower Festival. Date TBD. Hosts: Joy and Skye
  • August—13th-16th; Cedarville, MI. Loons Point RV Park. Hosts: Pat and Rene’
  • September—9th-13th; Scottsville, MI at Riverside (231-757-2429), Host: Mickie
  • If you would like to host a rally, let Rene and Pat know and they will put it on the calendar.

Here is image of the Convention’s ice cream social shared on the RVW Facebook page:


Register for RVW October 7-12 National Convention in York, PA

york-logoStarting June 1 you can register for the 2014 RVing Women Convention. Convention fee is $180 for RVW members if you register by August 30. The campsite fees aren’t listed yet, but I’ll update as they are posted.

Sites will be available starting October 2. This year there are more than 250. Some have full hookups with 30-amp services, some water and electric and some set aside for boondocking. For boondockers, generator hours won’t be limited and honey wagon service is available in addition to three dumps sites.




Change in June 2014 Great Lakers Rally

The new June 2014 Great Laker rally with be June 19-22 at Hell Creek Ranch and Campground in Hell, MI 48169 (10866 Cedar Lake Rd., 734-878-3632).  Joy writes: ”The Summer Solstice, Going to Hell Creek Ranch, So Get Your Hand Basket, Great Lakers Rally “. This is a private campground with a pool, fishing, and hiking and riding trails.  Rates are $30 with electric and water (30amp/20amp).  Possibilities are a Jiffy plant tour (Friday), show at the Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea, and a Summer Solstice Salad potluck meal.  Website is down so check their Facebook page.  Hosts: Skye/Joy.  (Note that I’ll change the early post to reflect this new date and location.)

2014 Rallies


From Rene’ Gray and Pat Reader, Great Lakers Chapter Secretary/Treasurer

2014 Great Lakers Rally Schedule — See you around the campfire!

**See Event page above for more details**

May 29 – June 1 Niles Bluegrass Festival (Joint rally with ORV) Riverfront Campground Niles, Mi., rally info. is in Nov/Dec RVW Mag. Hosts: Shirley/Denise 269-687-9681.

June 19-22 Hell Creek Ranch and Campground, Hell, MI.  Hosts: Skye/Joy  (This is the revised information.)

July 15-20 Alpenfest Gaylord, Mi. Hosts: Tommie/Jackie. Rally info. is in Nov/Dec. RVW Mag.

August 10-12 Shipshewana (Cohost with ORV) ORV Hosts Judy Wise/Judy Burnham.

August 14-17 Cheeseburger Festival Caseville, Mi., This is a suggested rally, we still need rally hosts to make this happen.

September – No planned rally yet so if anyone is interested in a get together/rally for those not going to convention, plan away!  September is a great month for RVing.

October 2-12 RVW Convention at York Expo Center in York, Pa.. Talk around the campfire is a number of Great Lakers are excited that the convention is on the East Coast and are planning on attending.

Other suggestions for rallies: Canadian Rally on Lake Huron (talk to Shirley for Canadian hosts), Waterloo Recreation Area, Tawas Point State Park, Rifle River, and Betsie River.

IMPORTANT: If you haven’t filled out a Liability Waiver Form, please do so online or use the form from the magazine. This form permits you to participate in any RVW activities/events.

RVing Women here we come!

Some of you have already gathered in or near Goshen, Indiana, for the big event.  I leave early in the morning.  Since returning from Petoskey, I’ve had my rig detailed so Ecovision sparkles inside and out.  I’m leaving Henry home this trip, just too much going on.  I dropped him off with friends this evening and miss the little guy already.

I hope to post a couple times during the national convention.  We’re to have wifi and I’ve packed my Apple Powerbook and iPad (for other Mac users, a tough week losing Steve Jobs so young to liver cancer a few day ago).

In the mean time, click here for the Goshen weather forecast.  Looks like I better throw in some shorts!  Eighty-two degrees tomorrow !?  See you soon!

2011 RVW National Convention program, silent auction of quilt, & preview of 2012 events

The 76-page program for the upcoming October 12 – 16, 2011, RVing Women National Convention (in Goshen, IN, at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds) has just been published.  Click here to download a PDF of the complete program (you will have to download it because it’s not otherwise viewable on RVW website).

Plus you can bid right now online for the silent auction for the convention quilt!  To celebrate RVW’s 20th Anniversary and raise money for RVW, the Ohio River Valley and Great Lakers chapters (hosts of this year’s national convention) made the quilt.  As written on the RVW website, “many chapters contributed material to make this quilt the beautiful piece of art it is.” As of this very moment, the bid is up to $750.  Click here for more information and to place your bid.

Finally, to help current and potential chapter members plan their travels for 2012, I just created a new page (above) of Great Lakers 2012 events.  Fuller details of our fun events will be added over time so stay tuned!

Cedar Springs here we come!

Close of day at Lakeside Park Camp

Well, some of you are already settled in to Lakeside Camp Park for our September 2011 Great Lakers rally so for you it’s really “Cedar Springs here we are!”  We’ll be rolling up our sleeves to make final plans for our chapter’s volunteer efforts at next month’s RVing Women’s 20th Anniversary National Conference in Goshen, Indiana.

I’m about to head down to my storage space in Saline to trade my car for my motorhome.  I’ll come right back so I can plug my RV into the outlet in my garage so my refrigerator will be ice cold by tomorrow morning.

I bought groceries yesterday and planned out the next few days.  Henry Boy came down with an infected toe a few days ago so I’ve added his antibiotics, Elizabethan collar, and Epson salt to the list.  Darn.  I know he’ll still enjoy it, but puts a little bit of a damper on our adventures.

Safe travels, and see you tomorrow!