Saying goodbye to our founder

Nancy Wurm passed away last week with visitation and funeral this week. Nancy founded our chapter, was president for many years and never stopped watching over all of us. Her red truck and travel trailer got her to many rallies and conventions sometimes with help from Joy, Skye and others. Her small sweet poodle Peaches was always near. At rallies on Sunday mornings Nancy would get out that large electric griddle to make pancakes and goodies for the whole lot of us.

She will be missed.

You can read her obituary and leave words of remembrance here. Donations can be made in her name to RVIng Women Open Road Program.


RVing Women announces new website is now active

In case you didn’t get the email today from RVW, you might check out the website at  As before you’ll need to be a dues-paying member for much of the information.  The email gave me a new ID name and password and they are asking us to update our profiles.   It’s quite a detailed email and because I leave tomorrow for Bowling Green, KY, I decided to wait until I return to tackle it.

As of 4 p.m. today RV/Ecovision is all dewinterized, has proper inflation in her tires (65 psi front, 80 psi rear), and is sporting a new set of windshield wipers.  She’s sitting nicely in the long driveway at my new condo.  One of the advantages of this complex is that the bylaws state you can keep a recreational vehicle in your driveway for a couple days to load and unload.  My particular garage has a long spacious driveway that would hold about 3 cars so it feels luxurious.  Because I’m new, I called the board president to let her know in case she get calls :-).  I plan to spend tomorrow morning cleaning and loading then take off early afternoon.  I’ll stay somewhere on the road then drive the rest of the way on Thursday.  The opening ceremony is at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday.

Henry Boy in his motorhome

Henry Boy was very excited to see “his” motorhome waiting for him.  This will be our first time boondocking so should be interesting.   I’ve already called Rachel with a couple questions, which she helped me understand and think through.  I am still getting used to being retired and not being in such a darn hurry all the time.  Feels really, really good to let go and flow.

Sorry to be missing the Great Lakers’ Tulip Festival Rally.  Hope everyone has a blast and someone emails me a few photos and highlights so I can post them here.  Enjoy!

New Great Laker pets

Shirley and Denise sent photos of their two new babies!  Too cute!  Check them out on Pets page, too.

Yours truly is heading to Beaver Island for a long weekend with a bunch of top journalists.  Will go to several of the ten islands of the Beaver Archipelago in the middle of Lake Michigan.  So blog will probably be quiet until I return Sept. 2nd.

First photo from Silver Creek RV Resort gathering

Laughter was the rule of the day during this weekend’s RVW Great Lakers’ rally at Silver Creek RV Resort in Mears, Michigan.  We had ten women, 4 dogs, 3 cats, and 5 guests on this sunny hot humid long weekend in the Silver Lake sand dune area of Lake Michigan.  Here we are having dinner Saturday night at Walker’s Restaurant in Hart, Michigan.  Joy suggested this homey place that is known for its perch and prime rib.  More photos and stories to follow after I finish working today, but did put new photos on our “Pets” page above.